How Does the Time Move?

Of course, we need to keep time which is by looking at the clock and keeping track of our hours. But there is something very mechanistic about that view of time.

Is the time in the hours – the rhythmical, regular sequence of identically spaced moments?

I grow a little uncomfortable if I have to embrace that as my only sense of time.

For me, also valid is the view of time as a series of inertia punctuated by patches of turbulence, activity, events, creation, joy, collaboration and an enhanced sense of life in the same way that the hibernating species might feel when they come out of it.

The spell, heights, intensity and then going back to recharge mode. Life would continue as usual. But when asked about what I did with my time on earth, I would love to recall how long I lived by how many patches I had.

I wish people bless me to be a hundred!!


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