Intense Persons and Dragons

Every dragon is a lizard, but not all lizards qualify for being called dragons.

Now you are wondering what kind of a blog starts with the creepy, ugly creatures.

But I am not looking at their looks. I feel what makes a lizard a dragon is the intensity of qualities or features that both have.

That is where I connect the intense persons with dragons. “Normal” or ordinary persons have the same qualities as the intense ones, but the intense persons have them in measures that make them unusual.

In a world where everyone loves, the ways in which or the power with which an intense person can love is so… sweeping! Or, the anger of an intense person would be so different though all of us get angry once in a while.

And it is because of this intensity that the intense persons get misunderstood, disliked and isolated. Their loss is twofold: very few people can understand them accurately – an intense person’s observation can be seen as a criticism, their display of emotion ‘over emotional’ and their expressions ‘saying too much’.

Secondly, there would be very few people who can respond to their intensity with matching frequency. So, if an intense person wants to belong, each attempt to belong is likely to lead to a compulsion to watering down the expectations – or so it would seem to the intense person. Else, the thing is just not possible. Take it to any format of relationship and the associated qualities: Loyalty, commitment, frankness, freedom, love, and much more..

So, all this while the problem is with no one – neither with the ‘normal’ people, nor with the intense people – but the intense people would find themselves kind of alone – just like the Komodo Dragons on their islands.

What would the dragons do? They have two choices: reduce themselves to lizards and they would find a plenty of matches. Another, accept a lifetime of lonesome existence on the islands of their convictions – not frequented by many, and rarely inhabited by those who visit.

Have you met a dragon lately?


8 thoughts on “Intense Persons and Dragons

  1. Raj Purohit says:

    as I am connected through my cell phone, it’s difficult to jot it down at once!

    so I request you to follow the link:

    sorry for inconvinence;

    I’ve a strong beliefe that you’ve read it already – more than once !



  2. raj purohit says:

    ha ha,

    they (members of “the region”) don’t realize untill they lose it completely. read in TOI that a pet-shop keeper had mistaken a kid crocodile with a monitor lizard and got some tickets (fine recipt). It seems to be a reverse case here, not going by the credits, the region – as a whole – thinks that ’tis “JUST A REPLACEMENT” on “REPTILE” with another !

    remembering Khalil Gibran here, “pity the ‘REGION’ …”


  3. Prerna Gupta says:

    Being a dragon is difficult, especially if you are a woman – in a male dominated region (Categorically not used the word Society 😉 Even the society has changed over years). I agree with Mr. Purohit, it is unacceptable to reduce to a lizard.The choice is difficult.


  4. Raj Purohit says:

    Being dragon also makes you feel some sort of dignity; moreover, as a drgon you are unique on the planet as camodos are the only of their kind ! I tried that reducing option for a long segment of my life but trust me it’s not so “FUNNY” !


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