Sometimes I hear Visually

Has it happened to you, too? I sure am not having delusions – people don’t curse me or goad me to do things in my visual ‘hearing’. I do not know what it is – may be you can tell.

Like, a couple of days back, someone told me some things that were coming from such utter absence of sensitivity, even misplaced ‘factual’ information, and I don’t know what else and how much more – but I stopped ‘hearing’ the sound. There was some sound, but it did not make words. I saw someone’s contorted lines of the face, and abject failure to enjoy that particularly beautiful time of the day, and I saw that speaker as if in pain. As that person spoke, I ‘saw’ as if that person’s mouth just opened and out came a huge fountain of vomit. The fluid stream was projected high, but soon it fell to the ground and I came away.

Of course, later the rest of the life absorbed me, but it visited me again – not the vomit, this time it was different. Someone very close had called. As long-time fellow travelers, friends and almost-family members, we often talk to one another, share our joy and little sorrows and so much more. Well, this time it was sharing of a perspective. Someone’s life was poised for a major turn and that approach needed not HELP. What was called for was an exchange, coming out of confidence that we could be as natural with each other as we are to our souls in our dreams. I talked for more than an hour – and when it was complete, I came out feeling as if we went rowing. The river of life was gushing – had its currents, swifts, and force. Now we just rowed together, flexing each muscle that we could summon. We went up and down the rides of emotion, ideas, beliefs, we argued, talked, listened and then together we looked back and were content at what we ‘saw’ – the clear blue sky though we were drained of energy. We belonged, and that sky was ours.

As I write this, I also ‘hear’ the warmth and appreciation that my people around me at work, people whom I know through my work give to me: I feel as if I have a warm blanket around me and a cup of hot bournvita in my hand after a long and tiring hike. I pause for a while, and what people tell me becomes the warmth and I hear some distant flute calling upon me to move on..

Do you hear/see things?


4 thoughts on “Sometimes I hear Visually

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  2. Kshema says:

    Yes, I vibe with your experience. I was treating myself like an alien because I could not find anyone who would share my experience and say ‘yes, i do’. I was wondering if something is constantly going wrong with me (psychologically?), but then I paused and thought I can be wrong once, twice but not always. Is it that I over-react? Or is it that people around me do not react at all! If it is a passing phase it will not keep repeating endlessly. Talking and expressing, a mere exchange of thoughts and emotions is absolutely essential in these hard times of competition with its grinding teeth racing after your life ruthlessly. Emptying one’s own filled-self is a necessity amidst the slapping of life’s tar balls in our eye! I realize I need to find my mate too……..only to pour myself out silently and hear from the other side of silence!


    • Kshema,

      I want to thank you for shedding light on your side of feelings. I am not sure if I understand it well, though. But the question you asked is very engaging: “Is it that I over-react? Or is it that people around me do not react at all! “..

      Probably the persons sharing a strong relationship also ask this question at times 🙂 But if it is happening regularly, perhaps there is a need for surrounding one’s self with a more matching frequency.

      May you soon find the mate who is waiting to find you! 🙂


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