Cheater Mom and her Deceitful Parathas/Wraps

Are you a mom who loves to cook healthy and tasty for all, whose kids have a hearty appetite, and who occasionally frets over how to get people to eat what they might not welcome at first sight?? Take for example what is known in Gujarat as MOGRI. It is a vegetable, looks like black strings and is rich in Iron. But its looks deflate people’s enthusiasm for tasting it.

MOGRI - the balck strings

MOGRI – the black strings


This week I tried two variations of Parathas or wraps for the first time and they got a favorable feedback from people around. I am sharing it with other moms in the hope that it helps and would love to know more about more such cheater fare 🙂

1. Black Pearl Parathas


Finely chopped MOGRI 1 cup

Finely chopped Brinjals (Eggplant or Baigan) 1 cup

Finely chopped tomatoes 1/2 cup

Finely chopped spring onions 1/2 cups

Finely chopped Spring Garlic 1/2 cups

Finely chopped coriander leaves 1/2 cup

Grated ginger 1+1/2 table spoons

Ground green chillies 1+1/2 table spoons

Salt to taste – black and white

Oil (Try Mustard oil or Olive Oil for variation, else Groundnut oil will do) 1/2 cup

Plain Flour 2-4 cups*


1. Take a medium-sized, copper-bottomed pan and heat oil in it.

2. Add Tomatoes and Brinjals and stir at medium-low heat until the oil is separated

3. Add ginger and chillies and stir for a minute

4. Add Garlic, Onions, MOGRI and salt and cover with a lid

5. Open the lid about every one to two minutes and stir until MOGRI is soft to an extent that when you bite it, your teeth almost do not feel it

6. Add coriander and remove from the heat allowing to cool down to just a little warm

7. Sprinkle flour in small quantities and knead into a dough that you can comfortably roll. *Different women have different degrees of comfort with how hard the dough they roll can be. If you are comfortable with rolling soft dough, it will take comparatively less flour and correspondingly the flavor of the paratha you roll would be stronger. Proportionately more flour tones down the flavor, so go ahead and choose your dough type.

8. When dough is made, divide it into the balls of the size and shape you prefer

9. Heat a non-stick TAVA and roast (Light-to medium) the Paratha using the oil of your choice.

10. If you want to use these as wraps, use a combination of various salad ingredients, make a roll, pour beaten hung curd and sprinkle black olives

VARIATION: Instead of MOGRI, I also use SUVA BHAJI also and it becomes just as acceptable.

Black Pearls - Cheater Parathas/Wraps made with Mogri, Sprinkled with Black Olives

Black Pearls – Cheater Parathas/Wraps made with Mogri, Sprinkled with Black Olives


Of course, when kids sit down to eat, they do sense that there is something more pungent than usual. Even if you lie for a while, you won’t get too far. So kids, as they go ahead eating these wraps, will scream, “Cheater!!!” – which is your reward 🙂

2. Carrot Beetroot Wraps

I have sent these to my boys who live in hostels, but I have not had their feedback yet. I have a hunch that due to their deep pink color, they might be more acceptable to girls.


Small-medium sized, thin carrots: 2

Medium sized Beetroot: 1

Salt to taste

Lemon juice: 4 tbsp

Sugar: 2+1/2 tbsp

Black Pepper, finely ground: 1 tbsp

Roasted Cumin Seeds Power, 1 tbsp

Flour – plain, 3-4 cups

Oil, 1/2 cups


1. Bring water to boil in a pan and steam the carrots and beetroot in the steam such that water does not touch them

2. Remove when steamed and allow to cool

3. Use blender and make a fine paste, strain in order to remove lumps

4. Collect the paste in a bowl, mix all other ingredients while stirring vigorously for a bout two minutes

5. Start adding little quantities of flour until you have come to a level of firmness of the dough that you are comfortable rolling. You know that higher proportion of flour in the mixture will weaken the flavor.

6. Divide the dough into balls, roll and roast the wraps using little quantity of oil.

Rooted Wraps

Rooted Wraps

7. Use the ingredients that kids like, for filling.

It could be Potato Chaat inside, and the roll can

be eaten with Fudina/Mint Chutney, or a vigorously

mixed curd with mustard, or sauces like Mustard

and Mayonnaise.



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