Discussing Freedom with Friends

It is such a non-differentiator. I could discuss freedom with anyone.

But look closely and its substance, its flavor is hugely different when the other person is a friend. Just in case – a friend is someone who is not a tool to get things done, not a node in a network for advancing connections, et cetera.

Instead, a friend is someone who can make possible a dialogue with an open mind and heart, who is interested in you at this moment, as a fellow human – not for your gender or for the repository of payoffs you hold for him/her.

The moment held in dialogue with a friend when they hear you can be transformative – you turn into a masterpiece with lifelike detail, a result of someone’s hard work and art poured out on a canvas over an entire lifetime, the friend becomes a curious visitor, gazing intently to absorb the details as they are. And suddenly it’s their turn to get transformed and you become the visitor. As that dialogue moves on, the details switch back and forth in the back and fore grounds, colors shift as the moods shift, the emphasis of light changes, and who knows – sometimes you come back from such conversations as the same picture, recast into another school..

Of course, in order to have such friends, freedom to choose is not enough.

That is not the point anyway.

Freedom appears in a very beautiful, elegant form when you discuss it with friends who are present to you, to whom you speak as a masterpiece in making.

Hmmm – such a heartful about friendship!

So, about freedom, at another time…


2 thoughts on “Discussing Freedom with Friends

  1. arpitppanchal says:

    once again super like:)
    I am waiting for that another time, about freedom, and all another times, which were meant to either close the article or genuinely irrelevant at that point of time, in terms of time/content/topic ….


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