Oh, Communities

I had visitors yesterday.

Work related talk was over and the conversation soon tapered off towards what seemingly is the Indians’ best loved game: “Lemme-guess-what-community-you-are-from”.

I have submitted myself millions of times for an interactive guessing game, resulting into verdicts  calling me a Parsi, American, Punjabi, non-gujarati (??!) etc etc – the guesses way, way too off where I genetically come from.

Of course this visitor was on the mark – when I said yes, there was some more talk on the characteristics and labels attatched to people from that group. (Another favorite Indian national social sport: blame-any-community-other-than-your-own)

I could not help swishing past that conversation – in my mind, though. I need more communities, I thought.

I remembered my fellow community people who send messages, “see the moon”, who call and check if it was the full moon today, and so on.

It’s not called lunatics, is it?? 🙂


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