Postponed Joys …

I have postponed some (I have also some not- postponed joys and pleasures in my bank!) – to be honest, not all postponement was out of choice.

Sometimes when I draw the balance sheet of life, and open the Maps section of life, among the crisscross of roads I wanted so desperately to take and the roads that I did in life take, I see one thing.

Postponed joys (psychologists call it delayed gratification) reappear sometimes (time to redeem points!!). Doesn’t mean that the instantly encashed  joys lasted long. Who knows, sometimes the instant joy is the marketing window of a lifetime of hell – or is sourced from somewhere similar to the back alleys of Shanghai selling cheap Chinese stuff.

Well, the postponed joys that reunite with me are often not in the same form.

That means that even when they are pleasant and are still in the joy-form (may be the size changes as the joy put years on), I get what I had not asked for and I still don’t get what I asked for.

And – I realize that I still put my bets on postponing some pleasures – why?

I think it is because I knew that pleasures are not exact same, but then – the million-dollar question is, AM I EVER THE SAME??


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