Describe Yourself and You Change

It is shocking and I am not able to overcome the tremors I got from realizing this – well, sort of. It’s not a new idea, but to me it came recently.

I understood that every time you describe yourself, you change. More so, if you  have a couple of alternative metaphors for describing yourself.

Say you have been immersed into a case study for nearly two years now. The case facts, the iterations with related literature, discussion with experts.. everything has a role to play and the focus sharpens. In this state, sometimes it looks like an insight has emerged.

That experience of emerging insight is so energizing, even when it is not clear whether what you saw is really an insight or a fantasy. All you know is that you have seen something. It can be so exiting – it creates a surge of euphoria.

Just like there are cycles of negativity where each iteration takes one down, the positive cycles give a feeling of going up with each one.

How does one understand this and prepare to respond? Is whatever is happening, for real, or is it an outbreak of a manic side of you, tempting you to see great promise where none exists??

How do you choose to describe the surge of creative energy within you?

A pragmatic response is, ‘Be careful! This is a power surge. Remember we have anti-surge equipment in office? Our equipment cannot take spikes of power and get damaged.’ (so, eliminate the surge or muffle it somehow.)

Another view is, to wonder if these are sparks that lighten up the night sky, splashing incredible beauty around and make all the lifetime of non-spark moments worth living because they bring you finally face to face with the, the moment.

If that is how you choose to think of that moment, you would relish it, want more of it and do things that bring those moments again and again, or create them in different realms of existence.

Same event, but conceptualize it one way and you will respond to it in an exactly opposite way from another way of conceptualizing the same you, same thing happening to same you in the same life…

Isn’t it amazing?


5 thoughts on “Describe Yourself and You Change

  1. arpitppanchal says:

    Agree with you, Ma’am, it is just impossible to remain the same even at very next day. but observation and reflection (backed by experiments or just routine interactions, work or experiencing anything) are the things which facilitate the wonderful feeling of change, so sensitive people are more likely to feel it very often:)


  2. dear ma’am,

    your description of such moments with lightening is very apt… it lights up our entire life-time spent in doing mundane things in a great flash of euphoria…(after all life is not the amount of breaths you take, it’s the moments that take your breath away)

    such moments of insight make life worth living… and the quest for constantly re-inventing ‘who’ we are makes it more interesting..

    best regards,


  3. Hi M

    I would say, the answer is ‘Life is fascinating’. I keep referring back to one of my profound observations in my short life–that, there are only contrasting experiences that provoke more thinking. This thought puts me in a state of mind where I tend to take every experience into my stride as it comes, and relish it; perhaps, recall or wait for a contrasting experience and smile about it.

    Talking about change, I think you are right. Not just when we think about ourselves, but when others make us think about who we are, there is a definite change I see. Reflection in enriching!

    Recalling, I remember a friend who said I was a ‘Collaborator’ and a ‘Lovable Friend’–two words which are still on my google profile–which have considerably shaped my interactions further. 🙂

    Do you recall something!



    • Hey Bond, one request : don’t stop at contrasting and waiting! True, others’ descriptions also make an impact – of course, assuming that we give them sufficient power to influence us…

      I would agree that you would make a great collaborator – speaking of which reminds me of our future case writing jointly.. We would not just look at that plan and wait for it’s contrast, ok? We would make it happen 🙂

      Margie Parikh


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