Either/Or, or This-And??

Thinking continues..

As soon as I clicked the word “Publish” on the previous entry of describing self, I had more questions than the degree of satisfaction that should have arisen since posting.

Is changing really between either-or? When we choose to be, do we choose between the either-or?

When we adopt a new choice, do we cease to be who we were a moment ago and relinquish all the meaning and being associated with it?

The answer is No.

Either-or sort of things are just one, simple, limited and dramatic portion of life. Or, say life keeps giving us options that sound like either-or, and we feel hard pressed choosing one of the two.

A great amount of life occurs in the state between, and including BOTH ends, and telling life that you want both not one.

Life essentially is THIS-AND.

Coexistence of two opposite-or absurd-sounding states, preferences, qualities, activities actually makes life full, rich, exotic, complete and meaningful. Striving to accommodate that contrast adds flavor to life and leaves us enriched after each such feat – whatever field it might be.

No wonder, it is tough – but that makes the life so livable!! Dictionary would have called this paradoxical. But that is the essence of life..


4 thoughts on “Either/Or, or This-And??

  1. Word ‘paradoxical’ lends meaning to life in at least one dimension. More options (let me not call it complex choices!) make life even more fascinating. 😀


    • And then you feel that these contrasts that are struggling with you for space together and make your life miserable for a while, actually make it whole, meaningful and complete once we know how to deal with those…. That, yes, is fascinating!


  2. Thanks arpitppanchal 🙂


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