Rains, Access and World Class Institutions


How do you get to the shop?


I was trying to reach the N**** center this morning. I Would not waste a lot of time, since that company cares for and protects it’s customer.

Then I approached the building where the store is located.

What do I see?

Your customer friendly company might be located such that you don’t have to commute far in order to reach them. But are they really accessible?

The company that you patronize might be offering customer care, might educate and support you in taking good care of your product. It might also be helping you safeguarding the environment by collecting the old products that you want to recycle.

But are YOU safe as you access your destinations?

I believe that customer care, safety and accessibility are not merely technical and architectural issues.

They are about the collective notions we have about who customer is, how important customer is to us and how we want to take care of the customer.

These notions are not only defined by the culture alone. If that was the case, a Swedish company would extend it’s Swedish values of customer care universally, and an American architect or planner would extend American values of design and accessibility to all countries he worked in.

These issues are essentially institutional.


Granite, but cracked: They don't expect oversized guests!

What kind of institutions we create and maintain will define what will be their processes and outcomes.

Unless the local institutions do not feel the need to recognize accessibility and safety, it would not be a part of norms, then the norms would not be enforced and so – don’t be surprised if one fine morning you break your bones trying to get to a world class vendor.

Full range of world class service and full benefit of world class features of your products requires world class norms – grown anode maintained at home.



3 thoughts on “Rains, Access and World Class Institutions

  1. Raj Purohit says:

    considering the steps in second photo, I would consider myself lucky as I’ve always got ground floor classrooms.


  2. the same Routine feedback: Liked:) enjoyed it:) and don’t know what to comment other than routine one: Agree with you, Ma’am: L.O.L:)

    one new one:
    enjoying the frequency of your recent posts. . . 🙂


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