Being A Stem Cell

Someone wrote to me today that I could have made a good lawyer. The source is highly credible, authentic and reliable. I have no reason to doubt it because in the past I studied law for one semester, read the Indian Penal Code and the Law of Torts, ranked 11th in the university examination and never renewed my registration.

Whatever the reasons – I have never regretted that choice and I do not want to offend my law-loving friends, so I focus on the idea behind the title of this note.

While I smiled at my friend’s comment about being a good lawyer, I also remembered a couple of others. Sometimes I realized or sometimes observers told me that I could have made a good this and a good that.

And I suspect that I am also fairly good at my current job. Al least I enjoy it.

What would I have made? A Lawyer, a story teller, a counselor, a cook, and more… so many options were standing before me at the tender age when I chose (or rejected) the discipline(s).

What’s important is not to KNOW PRECISELY what I can study because of the traits I possess, but it is about evolving into who I love to BE. And let me not be too starry-eyed, because sometimes what we become is a product of our circumstances, the influence of people around us, our capability to envision at that time, and so much more. So, instead of studying literature, or psychology, I end up being a business major.

That way, while reading today’s precious mail, I wondered if we do not continue to act like stem cells through at least some part of our life.

A Stem Cell is capable of evolving into a cell for highly specialized organs of our body – and likewise, we are capable of evolving into any/several  of multiple possible professional roles. In fact it is possible to enrich our lead professional role by adding to it the qualities of alternative professions – something that the stem cell cannot do once it chooses the organ. Like a cell in lever cannot work like a cell in an eye, I suppose. Also, a stem cell has some constrain on time or size when the promise of specialization disappears. In our life, the promise lives as long as we do.

Only thing is, we need to remember that we are a human stem cell and not the one of a machine, a monster, or a  race horse or a terminator and so on… I hope I remember!


7 thoughts on “Being A Stem Cell

  1. “Another mind blowing creation, ma’am”. . it reminded me the book “Discover your destiny” by Robin Sharma, when he talk about similar thing- which had made huge impact in building my confidence and decision making. it is always good to read anything from some authors blindly (since they have never proved you were blind:), specially after you come out from the zone of article or content, and come in to the “observation of thought process”

    Kamal karte ho purohit ji. . .itna achchha likhte ho aur fir bhi nahi likhte ho? madam se nahi to hum jeso se to sikho, jinko kuch nahi ata fir bhi likhte jate he. .likhte jate he. .he he he ……….

    kuch logo ka to aalam yeh hota hai k kambakht likhana padta hai:)


  2. Raj Purohit says:

    “Sometimes the path we choose doesn’t matter the way path we reject does !”

    well, the line is effective, can go with any Hollywood superhero saga, LOL ! like, “with great power, comes…”

    Almost everyone has an alter ego, some has more. ..And being a person like you, with such countless capablities and knowledge, such praises are bound to be spoken.

    One less credible, authentic yet reliable response: “You could have made a “GOOD” this or that, but you’re at your “BEST” in what you are !


  3. You found the metaphor; so, you definitely know who you are! I could relate a little of my self too in that explanation. Thanks for the post.


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