Say something interesting about you(r life)…

It’s human to find oneself in a  group of people who would like to get introduced to you – or who expect you to introduce yourself. And it is understandable that one should say something that opens up some interesting pathways over which communication from and to few or some or many or most or all can flow.

I can buy that. But I do not think that those pathways are one-size-fit-all. If that is true, I cannot possibly say things that are interesting equally to all.

Thinking of that, I wonder if one should ever be invited at the point of entry to a group to “Say something interesting about you..”

I would feel like my life is an animal that walked into a cage (because I went into that situation) and now onlookers and observers would look at whatever is at display. Mostly on such occasion I say something confounding that keeps unwarranted interest at bay.

I do not ask people to say anything interesting to me about them. I prefer to wait for an invitation. A life has someone whose life it is and it is better to be invited, even if it is not the innermost areas but as much as a compound, or a garden. Or a living room, or a study.

That is I think why I hardly ever initiate a social contact and once initiated, prefer to value the invite and take interest in what is shown to me. I might then develop and use the pathways over which there is a human connect.

This is not a very social model, and that explains why I have invites that tend to be thick once they happen. It does not mean I have personal favorites. But also makes me look selectively aloof … Hm, What am I going to say to others that is interesting?? I still need to figure out …


2 thoughts on “Say something interesting about you(r life)…

  1. B B Gupta says:

    This reminds me of Plants. Flowers need to pollinate to further their species and being immobile, for all practical purposes, they cannot do this on their own. Help from others comes in various interesting ways; insects, bees, wasps, birds, air, water, moist earth and so many other vehicles play the role of pollination.

    External help comes at a price. Insects eat pollen, drink nectar, eat petals and at time devour almost the whole flower. The feeding process in, around and of flower ensures pollination. Some plants even offer shelter to small creatures like leaf frogs and further their species.

    All these pollinating small creatures may seem insignificant to a cursory eye but they have their taste and smell faculties equally or more developed than humans. So flower has to ATTRACT EXTERNAL SOURCE. This translates into flowers being colourful, produce sweet nectar, waft fragrance in near vicinity, make edible petals etc etc. In plains and warm climates there is an abundance of flowers so plants compete with each other with specialized fragrance, sweetest nectar, tastiest petals and wonderful colours. In hills where flowers are scarce and landscape thinly populated, flowers become larger in size or smaller flowers team up as inflorescence. Those who cannot compete in day time blossom white (visibility) in night and give out exquisite fragrance (Raat Ki Rani). Flowers cannot just sit there and do nothing.

    And the story does not end here for plant. Seeds mature and they need to be dispersed. Plant again works hard to coat seeds with fruit, give them wings, dress in furry coat to float in air or collectively make a good meal for large animals. Dull looking seeds go through the grind in four bovine chambers and emerge victoriously (@!#*?) with dung.

    So ultimately one needs to check if need exists. If rummaging through innards of oneself results in no need, the person would be better off without donning ny flamboyant attire like flowers. And that is no disqualification as some of the self-pollinating plants are legumes and peanuts; very beneficial plants!!!

    Analogy mostly works with humans. However some humans are special; like people coming from influential and famous families, rich and powerful, handsome men and beautiful women, people occupying important positions or dispensing favours and to some extent intelligent persons.

    Check the set you belong to !!!!!!


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