Sticky Moments …

When they burn my dead body,

Will then,

They be able to bring an end

To the sound

That echoes ever since you shattered my heart?


7 thoughts on “Sticky Moments …

  1. Alok Lahoti says:

    jala hai jism jahan
    dil bhi jal gaya hoga…

    kuredte ho jo ab raakh
    jutsju kya hai….


  2. B B Gupta says:

    You Are Such A Wonderful Person
    Just As An Angel From Up Above
    I’m Sure The Lord Has Put You Here
    To Show Others How To Love

    You Are Kind, Sweet And Generous
    For This You Are Truly Blessed
    You Let Nothing Stand In Your Way
    In Everything You Do Your Best

    You Go That Extra Mile
    Even When Things Are Going Wrong
    I’ve Seen How Others Look Up To You
    To Keep Their Faith Going Strong

    I Know That Waiting In Heaven
    Will Be Many Great Rewards
    For As An Angel Here On Earth
    Your Love Has Been Outpoured

    Everyday I’ll Be On My Knees
    And This Is What I’ll Say
    I’ll Ask The Lord To Bless You
    And Walk Beside You Day By Day

    Written by: Melinda Tanner


  3. M, these are really strong words.


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