The Address of a Soul

Diwali banter is good. People meet friends, friends’ friends and all have a light moment or two through the lazy chats that need no destination – you win a bonus if some words leave a spark somewhere.

As a couple visited another, the hosts already had guests. Introductions followed and all found that they all shared links to one particular city. One of the three women was introduced as the one who was ‘heavily invested in there’ because two of her most loved ones were stationed there.The woman said, “That’s right. If I died this moment, I would haunt that city.”

It reminded me of the stories in which the Rakshas (=demon) lives in one place but he safe-keeps his soul someplace else.

What the demons did for tricking enemies changes slightly when loved ones go away. Deep love unites deeply. It seems that with the departed loved ones our soul also journeys.

And at moments when the memories of the loved ones emerge on the surface consciousness, the Diya – the lamp – lights quietly in distance invisible to the eye. If you ever want to know where your soul is, just close the eyes and see where the lamp is burning steady and bright. That is the address of your soul.


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