Rx, Wilderness

Wilderness is amazing.

Sometimes I realize it only after I meet her after  a really long time. but what it said to me was like a soothing medication to an ailing soul. Hence the title – a prescription for the like-minded.

In the wilderness, one day I woke up to this unbearable lightness of being (Do you read Kundera?)

.. And I hurriedly took a shower

The nature was bountiful – there was abundance of everything – peace, beauty, Life. Yet, I saw Thirst with arms outstretched..

I saw the fallen –

And also realized that falling is not a question of degrees

Especially when I saw ones who were down but not out..

..and the green, the life fighting with own twin dryness and death within

So I, too, stretched my arms full length

.. and decided not to fret too much when I can’t get all my lines straight – after all,  nature has difficulty doing that, too –

I reminded myself not to focus too hard on the dunes, the sky or the earth, the greens, the lush or the parched in isolation – it’s the total picture that matters.

Has wilderness said something to you of late?


12 thoughts on “Rx, Wilderness

  1. I-review says:

    Loved this post ma’am. It’s different feel after you changed your theme. And adding pictures and interpreting them (in poetic way) was really great 🙂
    Even I am experimenting with blogging since a month now 😀


  2. B B Gupta says:

    There is a new colour to your posts, of late.


  3. Ruxandra says:

    Great pics and great story! 🙂


  4. Really Mind Blowing:) good frequency:)


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