You Know You Are in Love With An Engineer …

When we were in school, there was a hit movie titled “Kabhi Kabhi”. We used to double up laughing when   someone mentioned a scene from it in which the actress asks her husband what he thought of her eyes. The ex of the actress was a poet. The husband seemed to have a tough time, he took a couple of seconds, and said something to the effect, “your eyes are so bright they look as if in a dark night, a lantern is burning in a hut.” This husband was an engineer.

We wondered if someone could have such a tough time describing things like eyes, using metaphors, being abstract, imagining …

But people meet engineers in real life, fall in love with them, and hear comments that bring back the memory of the Kabhi Kabhi Dialogue. You know you’re like one of those women when…

  • You are in  a lily-green, floral, summer dress which he seems to like, then he looks approvingly at you and says, “You look like a pineapple”
  • Who picks whom up is decided by logistics
  • You are sending kisses to him over telephone but he does not notice it until you ask him to verify if he has received additional sound bytes
  • He reads about Angelina Jolie’s obsession about blood and gets reminded of your talk about love almost being spiritual
  • You get really rattled, say you want to go REALLY slow, are worrying if you have done the right thing. He responds quickly and happily with “Great. We are in sync … good recipe for sustainability”!

If you are getting reminded of some things similar that an engineer told you, and if they made you smile, when you heard them you imagined the expression on the faces of some of your best friends if you told them what you just heard, and if you are going to keep some of such comments just to yourself, you might be in love with an engineer!


4 thoughts on “You Know You Are in Love With An Engineer …

  1. Jayendra says:

    Surely would like to expand the inventory…;)


  2. Jayendra says:

    “Who picks whom up is decided by logistics”….I loved that…Engineers Rock…;)


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