The Symphony of Metallic Sounds..

It was raining beautifully outside. The office had closed for the day but I needed them to open it again to help me finish one task. As the IT expert was kindly helping me, it began to rain. It was beautiful – the bright orange Gulmohors bathing as they gently swayed to the wind brushing against them. However, I realized that my ears were not tuned to the melody of the raindrops and the breeze passing through the strings of the branches. All I wanted at that moment was that the officer find the right key from a huge bunch that opened the door.

And the sound came. The click of the key opening the door as the other keys jingled against one another was such a welcome symphony! Had I ever paid attention to the musical potential of this metallic sound before? This question reminded me of a few other sounds that bring nothing short of magic if you have the right ears and the right frame of mind for them:

  • The sound of my mother shelving the utensils as she starts her work in the kitchen but I am lazily catching up with one more stretch of sleep
  • The sound of relentless beating by the kids on the door with the metal holdrop, even as they see you running to get it
  • The mate of twenty five years coming into the room and locking the door
  • The sound of the ungreased swing on which so many of loved ones were to be found, in whose laps I climbed up as a child – Baapa, Daada, daddy…
  • Brass bell at the school
  • The society guard ringing hours at 3. 3:30 and 4 in the night, telling you without any communication that someone else is also up
  • The sound of the kick to the Luna moped that conked off in the middle of the road, brought back to life by some unknown kindhearted soul…

May be there are more such sounds.. have I listened to them with these loving eyes? I will update this list if I recall. Have you any such sounds to share?


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