“A Door” Means???

Last week, during discussion on beliefs, someone in the class said that temples in a particular village do not have doors as the people believe that there will be no thieves. We raised questions in response – do doors only keep thieves away? How about reasons like privacy  or keeping dirt away? How about gaining more response time when a visitor comes calling?

At another level, I kept searching for what doors could stand for – for people. And I was struck.

Waiting? To exit?

Waiting? To exit?

I went back to my stock of pictures and found this.

This exhibit was there at the mezzanine level at the central bus station in New York, I think. It is right in the center of a hall, and three people wait before a door – just the door.

I believe  sometimes we comply a bit too much. We stop and wait just because there is a door before us..

Do we check if the doors are real? Or that they really stop us from leaving? Who can tell us the time of next departure?

Who can tell us?



3 thoughts on ““A Door” Means???

  1. rkpurohit says:

    waiting ? for exit ?

    how about waiting for entry ?

    … and can doors be useful for preventing some loved one to leave ?


    • Hmm, I am thinking now that you asked. I thought of the word ‘exit’ because the sign next to the door reads, ‘Next Departure’. But hey, who would make two doors – one for entry and the other for exit (They don’t make Newtons any more)? So the same door could be used for entry, too. That solves our first problem – though at that particular moment, no one seemed to want to enter. And – psst! If you DO find doors that can prevent someone fro leaving, DO let me know. I watched the God himself saying to Bruce Almighty that one of the only two things he could not do was mess with free will.


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