My children, your being is the best gift I ever had

I am looking at these 21 pictures of moms with their babies.

The pictures begin to sway as needles prick at the back of my eyes.

Tomorrow is mother’s day, and I am looking at these amazing mothers, and I pale in comparison sitting safely at home. Even in the most life-threatening situations, often harsh and always spartan conditions, these animal  mothers exemplify motherhood so beautifully, gracefully and with no pomp and clamor. I wish I never forget them as one of my ideals.

What would I want on a mother’s day? From the day when I conceived, every day has been a mother’s day and it brought in its own rewards as through them, I discovered myself in entirety. My ugly and harsh side as well. Reading glorifying accounts of motherhood and how great mothers are is one thing – a literary presentation – it feels nice, but I want to be honest and complete the account of reality by saying that it has a dark side, too. There were moments when I was harsh, I was angry and I was impatient.

We talk a lot about unconditional loving of a parent, but we also need to acknowledge that children have unconditional acceptance for parents, too – at least to begin with, and until we abuse it.

So, on the mother’s day all I want is to thank my kids for not being spoilt, for not whining, for taking what was worth taking from me, and for not blaming for what I did not have. They have accepted me as I am, have forged a warm bond that surrounds us rather than chokes, and expands and changes as they and I both grow.

Thinking of that, I feel that whenever there is a moment of nurturing, acceptance and well-wishing, it is a mother’s day. Blessed are those who experience it – you don’t always have to be a woman for being a mother in that tiny bit of being.

What gift would I need?

My children have been the best gift I ever had.


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