Tips to the daughter I never had … #10

Tips to my daughter #10

Tips to my daughter #10


40 thoughts on “Tips to the daughter I never had … #10

  1. Rajiv Merchant says:

    This is bizarre!!!! What’s going on Margie?


  2. Swami Agnivesh says:

    Wow!! There is a party going in here. May I come in, and can I bring Morari Bapu along?


    • Ironic, isn’t it? All the Sadhu-Mahatmas commenting on the blog-advice from a mom to daughter!
      ‘Agnivesh’ji, what are you and your party-buddy bringing to the table?


    • Baba Ramdev says:

      No you may not. But you can send Morari Bapu. You are Telugu and we already have another Telugu guy (Sri Sri Ravishankar) here. Asaram is Sindhi. I am from UP. And we are recycling Osho’s ideas who was Bihari. If you can help us, please send Nirmal Baba. He is a sikh.


    • Morari Bapu says:

      Hey guys. The India-Pakistan was is about to break out. Modi wants us in Delhi right away. Let us rush. Thanks lady, for hosting this Sant-Samagam. After death you will go to heaven. We don’t send people to heaven during their life on earth; they get too big for their boots.



  3. Baba Ramdev says:

    The exchanges in this post are so funny. Not connected with the topic on hand at all. I feel like doing shirshasan so that I may see the meaning clearly.


  4. Sri Sri Ravishankar says:

    And he is stealing Osho’s thoughts and passing them as his own.


  5. Sri Sri Ravishankar says:

    Balike, be careful with this Asaram Bapu. He seems to be a fake. The real one is still in jail.


  6. Babubhai Patel says:

    Destiny will not let her fall for a man, but leave her a choice to commit or not.


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