21- day challenge: a compulsive mind-wanderer attempts to meditate

Recently I came across a series of talks, videos, notes and references on current scientific research on happiness.

Not really judging their approach or anything else, I am purely driven by curiosity. It is thought-provoking, to say the least.

One of the suggestions offered is to meditate (they don’t use that word, and have carefully removed all allusions to Eastern ‘religious’ / spiritual practices so as to increase its acceptance among their target audience).

There is a 21-day challenge for building up greater mindfulness, which I took today. From tomorrow, I go back to work after a break – an ideal time to confront my self-defense.

In the past, whenever I tried to meditate, my mind wandered. None of my attempts lasted beyond a couple of seconds. And then I made peace with it by telling myself, “oh, I have a wandering mind” or worse, “I have too much to do” (and versions of these).

From today, I will meditate for 21 days as suggested.

I am writing the blog about it for adding – well, some kind of – extrinsic motive, a space larger than just my mind, so I can bring up how I felt during these attempts of meditation. May be there are others out there like me.

Here are the instructions that guide the five-minute meditative breathing, appearing in the first row of the table here:


Wish me luck!


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