16, 15, 14 days to go: Compulsive mind-wanderer, breath-watching and busier-than-usual days


Great! This post just vanished from my screen as I pressed the “Publish” button! (Is it a hidden clue to me? – I wonder) I have not blogged last three days’ experience – true, the earth still rotates on its axis and the Sun does come out. My meditative habits have gained plasticity.

I meditated in bits of time in between activities as I could not do so at a stretch.

I remember the facts, conversations with others, events and such – with no trace of reflective ideas I got while meditating. Unlike on other days, I did not note those ideas and questions while they were still fresh, and they vanished as quietly as they had surfaced – just like bubbles on the water, to no change to the rest of the world. It is a loss to me, as the past four days of meditative breath-watching threw up some interesting thoughts and questions.

Anyway, here are the tips that I must note:

Tip 1: Novice meditators should not meditate as they drive.

I drove quite a bit on my day #5 on top of a full work day with extra toppings of meetings. I thought I would meditate while driving, but it was impossible to watch breath and trace thoughts while driving in the alert mode. It is safer for all concerned that default thought network take the hold of the mind while one drives.

Tip 2:  Meditation is not jerk-proof.

Don’t take those claims of benefits associated with meditation or mindfulness techniques, or branded in any other way. Jerks will do what jerks always do. They will creep all over your nerves and crawl up your spine until it is curled up into a ball. You will have to have your methods of dealing with them effectively. No such know-how is bundled with techniques of meditation. So if you have blown fuses here and there, don’t give up on your self or meditation.


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