The Maritime Provinces of Canada – and a bit more (1)

To many people, Toronto is east of Canada. To some, parts of Quebec. Many expats and permanent residents of the country have yet to visit its beautiful Maritime provinces in the East – New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Add two more Atlantic provinces – Labrador and Newfoundland – and you have the complete picture of the lovely East of Canada.

Work was already taking me there and I decided to explore a little bit more. The season was just right – although the peak usually starts from Mid-June.

Well, my choice of dates was limited as I had work to do as well. But then traveling in the shoulder season before the peak saved me money. Here is what I did in something like three weeks:

Here are some highlights about Toronto:

Explore Toronto:
The Economist rated this city as among the safest, most livable, food-wise secure, democratic and business-friendly cities in the world.

Safe cities

Even if you are not the Economist reader, walking around in the city will give you that feel. The city has a nice blend of modern and traditional-looking architecture.

Toronto City Hall at the Nathan Phillips Square

…or, a hundred-odd year old departmental store.

Downtown Toronto

Downtown Toronto

If you grabbed the bull in NY, then it’s time for change: grab an elephant in Toronto, no matter how strong the wind:

Downtown Toronto

Downtown Toronto


Of course, I had the family of my friend who made sure that I would see all the interesting quarters of the city. Here are some highlights:

There is this incredibly huge Niagara Fall.
Niagara Falls

.. Strangely, the view from the Niagara river and the deep, constant sound of waterfall fill the heart with peace rather than fear:
Niagara river

Meet the Eagles:

Meet the eagles

Meet the Eagles


Toronto, like many modern, developed cities have a department looking after their urban forests and preserves. These spaces have a number of trails that hikers and walkers take. Kelso Conservation Area is one such place for a nice hike:

Kelso trail near Toronto

The area overlooks a very refreshing – looking water body which must be fun to swim in during the warmer times of the year. When we visited, it was still late spring and Toronto was oscillating between 7-12 degrees and light showers.
Start of a hike at Kelso Conservation Area

The woods were very tranquil and soothing. I had seen some photos of this place, showing huge line up of cars. The day we went, we had the place to ourselves. And we enjoyed every bit of it:

Late spring at Kelso Conservation Area

.. and a number of locations meant for one to reflect, think, rest, and enjoy the nature around:

Kelso trail

or this one:
Kelso trail

The weather was just perfect, we were a good company and wanted to do more. So, the host family decided to go onward to the Lake Crawford Conservation Area. Another space dedicated to scenic beauty, quiet board walk and a re-created village of the original residents of this place:

Lake Crawford Conservation Area

Lake Crawford

Nearby, there is a village re-created from the scattered remains found by the archeologists. It seems that in this settlement, people lived communal life in ‘houses’ – huge huts, which have symbols of turtle, deer and such at their entrance. There is a resourceful information center for all the answers you might want.

One of the Wendat long houses at Crawford Lake Conserve

Long House Collage

Enjoy at Scaddabush:


Then there is this nice little center island for soaking the Sun in, gazing at the limitless sea and cycling:

Near the Entrance: Center Island, Toronto

Near the Entrance: Center Island, Toronto



View at the center island

View at the center island

.. and the gulls, of course

Spot Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Spot Jonathan Livingston Seagull


4 thoughts on “The Maritime Provinces of Canada – and a bit more (1)

  1. Lovely photos.
    Waiting for the next instalment.


  2. Shotgun says:

    Khaamosh!!!! Hamaare action-oriented, dashing PM Modiji ke raaj mein Bharatvarsh ke baahar ke kisi shahar ki prashansa karna iss desh ke saath gaddari hai. Toronto ke gun gaa kar aap amdavad ka apmann kar rahin hain.


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