The Maritime Provinces of Canada – (2) New Brunswick and PE Island

Quiet coastal beauty, the ring of Scottish or Irish lineage, and beauty of the towns and cities perched at the edge of beautiful sea… single phrase for all these is the maritime Canada. I could visit three provinces: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island…. in reverse order.

NS, NB, PEI and Back

The east of Canada rolls under the wheels. The road is clear and so is the sky. The skyline changes from silhouette of buildings to that of Acadian flora. The farm land merges with the treeline.


Hopewell Rock Formations

It’ a rainy day, but we march on. Rocks as they are, they do not give in to the wet skies. There is a bay of Fundy, which collects more water in a single tide than several Niagara falls in a day. Around the rocks, there is a beautiful trail that one cannot have enough of..

Rocks before the tide IMG_2245 IMG_2274 IMG_2267 IMG_2266 IMG_2254

I have hot, crisp sweet potato chips for lunch – tastes lovely on a rainy day..

Into Prince Edward Island

This is the second maritime province that I visit. First exposure: Cavendish, famous for the Ann of Green Gables. The red sandstone at the beach at Cavendish perennially washes itself with blue sea waters.


The estate that was portrayed in the famous novel Anne of Green Gables, is beautiful. The white structure adds to coolness of the air.




And again, there are trails and walkways around the estate. Whatever time we have is short…

IMG_20150604_100625 IMG_20150604_100703 IMG_20150604_102114

It was time to take a ferry and cross over to Prince Edward Islands. Sun shone on the beautiful, serene, blue sea and deceived us at the first glance by totally hiding how cold it was. Unfazed, we press on and feasted some more on the beauty of different kinds. Paper mache art at a small town of Rustico was fun.

PE Island Rustico paper mache


Hand-picking from among the pictures is really testing me hard.

I think I will end the part-2 here and will add one more section real soon. I suspect this draft will remain with me for another year if I didn’t share it now!






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