The Maritime Provinces of Canada – (3) Cape Breton Highlands and Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia

The Cape Breton Highland is a beautiful national park in Nova Scotia, Canada. One thing to realize for people who come from regions where the year is divided into discernible seasons is that here there is no single season except when it is winter. The clouds, the rains and the clear weather are dynamic.

Cape Breton Highland - a drive through

Home to one of the enchanting cluster of trails, Cabot Trail, which alone would take several days, is a must-do for anyone who is visiting this part of the country. The slopes of the hilly terrain reveal every now and then the beautiful shoreline: whether it is cloudy or clear, the beauty is simply there for your eyes to feast on:

Cape Breton Highland, Nova Scotia





Along the shoreline, there are occasional fishing villages with their tiny-looking boats lying around lazily in the gentle sun.





The trail itself is enchanting too. There is a board-walk and if you have with you, someone who can recognise some cute local plants and shrubs, your walk would be insightful, too.









We were promised sighting of a moose, but we find none..

And on we went for yet another leg of the journey, will post soon!






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