Four things a king cannot BE without: a la Shukraniti

In my phase of re-grouping the verses of Shukraniti, a relatively small section is on what a king should avoid. This section is further split in three: (a) what a king should not BE, (2) What a king should not DO, and (c) the ‘classical’ vices that he should stay away from.

It felt similar to putting a jig-saw puzzle together. The (a) section is here in this note:


(i) Without integrity: A king should not be an untruthful, deceitful, misrepresenting hypocrite who has something on his mind and in action while he says something else. Nor should he enjoy the company of deceitful people. He should not preach to others what he doesn’t do himself.

(ii) Without collaborative policy: He cannot be autocratic, unschooled to ethical policy making and closed to opinions other than his.

(iii) Without tolerance: He should not contaminate his task of control and discipline with anger. At the same time, he should not be merciless, unforgiving, violent conflict-lover who is harsh in punishing and takes everything people have. Especially he should not oppress the poor.

(iv) Without ‘class’: He should not be drawn to base things and people and overly indulging with performers of all sorts, while hating the intellectuals.

(1- 32,33,34, 94, 119, 128,129,130, 140, 160, 337, 2-4)


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