Tips to the daughter I never had … #19

Tips to my daughter #19

Tips to my daughter #19


2 thoughts on “Tips to the daughter I never had … #19

  1. shruti says:

    All your tips have always been very insightful for me, i am sure it must be for may others. All of them will hopefully help in avoiding some pits that might come our way and lead a fulfilling life. I do read a lot of other articles and blogs but when they comes from someone you know it becomes very easy to believe in them.It provides light to the road ahead which you can hardly see. Please continue sharing such meaningful insights from every direction of life. We need them now and also in future.

    your former student at BK School of business management


    • Thank you, Shruti! Your comment gave me the same satisfaction that I might have got hearing from daughter born of me. There is a deep sense of joy in finding that the young ones do find the old ones relevant. Additionally, some young ones feel put off by a tip precisely because it came from a known person! Instead, you have said you believe them more! Surely, your parents are lucky and my purpose is served. I have wished well for all students, but to you, I once again wish the best, and also an unending marital bliss! Warmly, m


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