Sifting the sand (c)margieparikh

Sifting the sand (c)margieparikh

If I sift all sand

blow the twigs of time

dare the summer Sun

peel the stamps of feet

will I find again

what you wrote that time?

Sifting the sands of time…


6 thoughts on “Sifting the sands of time…

  1. Subhash Yadav says:

    An Interpretation :

    A question to the Goddess of Fate :
    In almost every tradition, it is said that the Goddess of Fate comes on the sixth day of the new born child and writes (speaks in the ears, in oral traditions) his/her fate on the forehead and goes away. Fate is nothing but the purpose of our existence, the purpose for which this body was created, as per this myth.
    With time, in the process of growing up, this writing gets covered up by sand, twigs, and stamps of feet .
    All sadhana and the journeys (outside as well as within) are an attempt to read, understand and live what was written for us. Once we know this, understand this, we are still, at peace, and in harmony with the cosmic plan. All the self cancelling vacillation of our lives gives way to treading on ‘that’ path, which was written on the sixth day of our birth.

    As an afterthought, a question comes to the mind :

    Which is indestructible and easier to retrieve, the written word or the spoken word ?


    • I don’t have the answer to your question, Subhash. I guess it depends on who it comes from. Sometimes it is also the receiver: for some (fools), word is alive, it is power, it is Saraswati and it is the Brahm. How can it ever be taken lightly? Yet, there are scores of others who engage constantly in Himsa using or against words as they keep saying, ‘take it easy!’

      As for your interpretation, it was far more superior and sublime than my nostalgia 🙂


  2. austere says:

    very evocative


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