Shake that brimming cup


Thank you, all the tests of life! You got me up to here, and now my cup brimmeth! I have arrived! Nothing is missing, and I have got all [or most] things I wanted.



Have you felt that wave, however short-lived, of warmth, joy, and may be pride swell up right through your heart and make your eyes shine and put a glowy smile on your face?

Yes, *that* precisely is the moment to shake things up a little bit.
If it is running over, or even brimming, you would be the first one to know, but wait: is that really a cup?
What if it is a trap reservoir to stop the waters from flowing?


What if it is just a fancy pound to keep all strays from wandering?


What if it is a prison with granite walls polished to perfection so it looks like china?


Have you really ever gone out of the cup to see for yourself? Not a chance if that’s the cup of life we are talking about.


In that case, it might be worth the while to shake up the cup a little.
Who knows what will happen if shaking of your cup shakes some neighboring ones also a little bit?


Who knows what would happen if the cup remains still, but you can raise some waves in it and raft yourself into some other currents?


What if nothing happens other than spilling some juices off so that your cup is ready to receive some new potion all over again?
If nothing happens, at least you can rest in confirmed peace that the only satisfaction to draw is in knowing that your cup brimmed. And it ran over. At least once.
May be the other possibilities are too risky. May be you lose life. May be you lose all you have and gain nothing valuable. May be all you get is sneering from the residents of neighboring cups who think you were a fool.
May be when you are gone, having lived as per your convictions, but not achieving anything ground-breaking, they will watch from the seats reserved but never occupied because they chose not to come for your Besna.
What matters more, though, is not whether others agree with you — but whether you agree to shake the things up a little.
The warm blanket of complacency is not going anywhere, you see, after all, complacency is complacency because of complacence.
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