Real Tears in the La La Land

*Spoiler Alert*


If you have ever chosen, if you have ever forgone, if you have loved and ever been set free, all of it might flash before you in one fraction of a moment while watching La La Land.

La La Land may have been made into a movie, it might have been fashioned as an ode to the musicals and to Jazz. It may be all of that and a reminder that love has its own longevity and its own progression of time, that love is greater than living life together. That all it needs is one glance across a hall and time in the world of love ticks as if it was just the previous moment when you had met the love of your life.

And that love takes dreams under its wings even when that dream seems to stand on its very grave.

La La Land portrays a boy’s  love although it is a love story.

Love shows up in its its own intricacy of his behaviors: loud, non-stop honking at the girl’s door, cooking after surprise visit back home, and telling the girl on face the true feelings even when they are ugly — like telling her that she was interested in seeing him low down so that she could feel better about herself.

Those searing words go in the same cocktail as his refusal to accept her resignation from her dream, setting about on a long drive to deliver the message about her audition, and pushing her to go realise her dream. The cocktail is in the movie. Shaken and stirred are your emotions.

Because somewhere it touches the ‘been there’ all around you. For example, you don’t chase your dream because you have no money. You do something else instead, because it gives you fame or success. You can’t chase what you really care for, because you are busy raising resources. But in the end, those non-dream projects fund the dreams. And you learn to wait.

Love doesn’t work that way though, says La La Land. There is never an ‘either-or’. You love someone with your soul, you meet them after years, you say, ‘welcome to Seb’s’ and play your favourite tune. The whole life in-between comes in and the ends join seamlessly.

“Had I done this….” scenarios play and rewind. Permutations unfold.

You choose for yourself: two people, two dreams, loving life spent together, one dream realised and one dream buried for the other; OR, two dreams, separate lives lived, two dreams achieved, and lives lived separately.

But no, the OR is really not the case. Once you love, you share eternity. Not sharing a few years doesn’t matter. You listen to the tune, get up, leave to go back to your life. And before exiting the door, you smile and nod in approval of a job well done. One glance – brings strangers together and parts soulmates for life. Glance to glance is the full circle of love and in-between, there is life.

‘La La Land’ can’t get closer to reality. It is real already. Like the tears it brings.





2 thoughts on “Real Tears in the La La Land

  1. Subhash Yadav says:

    Very feelingly written. As if the words are alive, fresh and ringing.
    True, the ‘OR’ is not really the case, but even ‘either’ is not the case. If you share eternity, the dreams ‘realised’ or dreams ‘buried’ hardly matters.
    Eternity is adwaita !!


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